Sunday, November 10, 2013

Casual Saturday

I want to keep the outfit casual and simple. Since the top has an aztec print, I decided to go plain with the leggings, bag and shoes to balance it out. I love how the top is very colorful and comfy at the same time because it can get really hot here in the Philippines. Then I wore my red sneakers to add a pop of color since I didn't pair wear any accessories.

                                                             My photobomber sister! 

thrifted top,Promod leggings,Mango bag,Vans shoes,Beltza shades


Airish said...

Love your colorful aztec print top!! Haha Ayumi's hilarious. What a photobomber =))

Airish ♥

ysabellemoriyama said...

Yah Ayumi is such a photobomber and thank you ate! 💕